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Enterprise Content Management

Is your organization able to provide right content to those who need it, when and how they need it?


Enterprise content management or ECM systems serve to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver organizational content in a systematic and efficient manner.

Putting organizational content to effective use can improve your company’s efficiency in handling

  • customer service
  • regulatory compliance
  • disaster recovery

Choosing an ECM Suite

ECMs come in different flavors-cloud, in-house, open source. A key consideration while adopting enterprise content management will be its compatibility with the existing infrastructure and technology stack. An easily compatible system will require lesser customization and maintenance.

Role of QBurst

Most ECM providers offer just a tool while companies need a solution analyst who listens and understands their needs well enough to suggest the best enterprise content management system. Along with ECM implementation support, training employees and empowering them with knowledge, to make business workflow better is necessary for the success of enterprise content management.

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ECM Services

Organizational content exists in various unstructured formats and so, ECMs include systems for

  • Image and document management
  • Records management
  • Web content management
  • Collaboration
  • Business process management
  • Email management (archiving)

Microsoft SharePoint

A collaboration platform that focuses on enterprise information management, which is a subset of ECM. For companies that do not want to manage SharePoint in-house, SharePoint Online offers the on-demand alternative.
SharePoint Customization

Adobe Experience Manager

Formerly Adobe CQ, AEM is a content authoring and publishing tool for both internet and intranet content. You can easily manage content delivery across your digital marketing channels.
Adobe CQ Implementation